January 2018
Robin will start shooting the indie feature film Revolt In Hokum in which he will play an FBI agent who investigates a ‘friendly-fire’ drone strike.

February 2018
Robin formed his own production company – Kilgore Films – and his first film Dragunov is now in pre-production. As well as writing the screenplay and appearing in the film this will also be Robin’s directorial debut.

July 2018
Robin will head to Malta to start shooting the short film Punchline in which he will play a comedy club heckler who is on the receiving end of the nights biggest joke.

August-September 2018
Robin will be in Berlin to shoot the indie feature film The Confession in which he will play a corrupt priest who is on the list of a man out for revenge.

“Learn your lines, find your mark, look em in the eye and tell em the truth.”
James Cagney


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